Qualities of an Effective Leader

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Qualities of an Effective Leader

Qualities of an Effective Leader
Qualities of an Effective Leader

If leadership is seen as the ability to influence, what qualities must the leader possess in order to be able to do that? Integrity, courage, positive attitude, ini- tiative, energy, optimism, perseverance, generosity, balance, ability to handle stress, and self-awareness are some of the qualities of effective leaders in nursing :

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Below are the qualities of an effective leader:

  1. Integrity is expected of health-care professionals. Patients, colleagues, and health workers
  2. Adaptive: flexible, willing to change and devise new approaches
  3. Emotionally Intelligent: aware of his/her own and others’ feelings
  4. Charismatic: magnetic personalities who attract people to follow them
  5. Authentic: demonstrates integrity, character, and honesty in relating to others
  6. Ferociously: pursues goals but gives credit to others and takes responsibility for his/her mistakes
  7. Mindful: thoughtful, analytic, and open to new ideas.
  8. Narcissistic: doesn’t listen to others and doesn’t tolerate disagreement but may have a compelling vision
  9. No Excuse: mentally tough, emphasizes accountability and decisiveness
  10. Resonant: motivates others through their energy and enthusiasm
  11. Servant: “empathic, aware and healing,” (p. 76) leads to serve others
  12. Storyteller: uses stories to convey messages in a memorable, motivating fashion
  13. Strength-Based: focuses and capitalizes on his/her own and others’ talents
  14. Tribal: build a common culture with strong sharing of values and beliefs.