Practicum Project Presentation Overview

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Practicum Project Presentation Overview

Practicum Project Presentation Overview
Practicum Project Presentation Overview

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PowerPoint Presentation Notes Your PowerPoint presentation should exhibit a professional appearance that reflects thoughtful, thorough preparation. Consider the audience’s needs, and use your creativity to design an engaging presentation. Your audience is your classmates and Instructor. This presentation also serves as your Portfolio Assignment for this course.

The use of PowerPoint as a presentation method allows you to create a narrative to convey essential aspects of your Practicum Project. As you develop your presentation, structure the information to provide a logical flow from the beginning (introduction) to the middle to the end (conclusion).

Determine a title for each slide. As you create each slide, include the slide title at the top to help orient the audience, and make sure the slide text is concise and easy to read.

While you may wish to include a few photos or graphics, be mindful that including too many of these items can be distracting and may result in problems with file size and downloading.

The evaluation of your presentation will address not just the appropriateness and inclusion of all required content, but also the extent to which the slides are neat, organized, and visually appealing.

PowerPoint Presentation Instructions

 Develop a 20-slides PowerPoint presentation that includes the following: o A summary of the Practicum Project topic, goal, objectives, and rationale Practicum Project Topic – “Electronic Health Record upgrade and

implementation” Practicum Project Goal – ?? Practicum project objectives:

o Objective # 1: Learn the Electronic Health Record (EHR) upgrade project implementation process and training requirements.

o Objective # 2: Taking new responsibilities and performing tasks and activities for the EHR upgrade project within the scope of a Nursing Informatics student.

o Objective # 3: Able to execute the leadership roles of correspondent, EHR system intellectual, and decision-maker within the organization by July 22nd, 2022

Practicum Project Rationale – ?? o A summary of the Practicum Project methodology o A summary of the Practicum Project findings o Conclusions and recommendations that incorporate an evaluation of the

Practicum Project findings in terms of utility and potential for impact within your

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professional specialty and your practicum organization’s environment o Examples of scholarly product(s) developed for the Practicum Project, if

applicable (you may use screenshots or scans to incorporate these items into your presentation)

o A summary slide that properly synthesizes and concludes the presentation o A list of references (including a minimum of five scholarly resources), properly

formatted using APA style

 In addition, you must do the following: o Record narration for each slide. Your narration should be clear, in-depth, and

function to enhance the slide material. Your narration should not simply be a recitation of the slide contents.

Make sure the PowerPoint presentation reflects graduate-level writing and presentation standards, with professional-looking graphics and appropriate type style. Possible references:  For additional references, please choose appropriate scholarly articles within last

5 years.  Need to have in-text citation within the PowerPoint slides

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