The DNP Project: Information Technology

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The DNP Project: Information Technology

The DNP Project: Information Technology
The DNP Project: Information Technology

The discussion for this week is focused on informational technology.

· Please discuss the importance of IT in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of your DNP Project.

· How important will IT competencies be to the role/position that you aspire to after completion of your DNP degree?

· What IT skills do you need to develop? Share your plan for professional development to develop these skills.

· Provide your instructor and student colleagues with an update on your implementation plans for your DNP Project. Share any successes, challenges, or barriers you experienced this week.

· When posting, please first share your PICOT question in question format and then respond to the weekly question. This will help us all to be able to provide quality feedback in these weekly discussions.

Your post will be checked in Turnitin for plagiarism. Responses should be a minimum of 350 words, scholarly written, APA formatted, and referenced. A minimum of 3 references are required (other than your text).

*Attached are: The PICOT question, the implementation plan and some references used before.


In overweight adult patients in a primary care clinic, what is the impact of implementing the American Heart Association Diet and Lifestyle recommendations, compared to current practice, on body weight in 8-10 weeks?

Implementation: Project participants will follow the American Heart Association Diet and Lifestyle recommendations guidelines, that focus on knowing how many calories an individual should be eating and drinking to maintain body weight, and aiming for at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity or 75 minutes of vigorous physical exercise (or an equivalent combination of both) each week. As a formative evaluation, the DNP student will call participants weekly to reinforce them to follow the diet and lifestyle recommendations, audit smartphone app and tracker usage, and answer any questions. The DNP student will meet with staff weekly to discuss questions and concerns with calorie and activity tracking and offer support for the program. The DNP student will collect participants’ compliance data with app and tracker usage during each phone call.